Resilience & Well-Being

The effects of Cyclone Gabrielle have left many in our communities severely impacted. Our thoughts are with those that have been affected and now face the massive task of cleaning up.
Support after a flooding crisis should be ongoing and tailored to the needs of the community. By providing the necessary support, the community can recover, can rebuild, and can grow again. We look at what is currently being offered.

We also take a closer look at the support being offered to those impacted for their wellbeing. And identify ways you can help if you are able.

March is harvesting time of many fruits and produce around Aotearoa. The impact of Cyclone Gabrielle on our highly productive land has been immense and restoring these farming areas will take years. And disruption to many transport networks caused by the January & February storms, have created shortages and higher prices. We look at how high.

More details soon on the NZ Ethical Employers Conference held in Tauranga, 19-21 July 2023, registration opens up end of this month.

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Take care and keep safe,

Tanya Pouwhare, CEO, New Zealand Ethical Employers Inc.


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