Cultivating excellence in employment to support primary industries.

In New Zealand and across the world, demand is increasing for businesses to look after the wellbeing of their employees. While many New Zealanders can’t conceive of workers being treated poorly, exploitation occurs here every day.

We must optimise support for employers to do what is right.

New Zealand Ethical Employers Inc is committed to decisive and collaborative action to drive ethical business practices in NZ. We bring key stakeholders and influencers together and develop and share best practice to support our members to build more resilient, future focused supply chains which place workers' voices, and human rights, at their heart.

NZEE members are forward-thinking companies who acknowledge and make a personal commitment to tackle issues in their supply chain. NZEE expects members to improve their ethical employment performance over time.

Jobs will continue to be a force for good, giving people the chance to play a vital role in the unfolding rebuild and growth of our families, our communities and our nation, to have freedoms, to have choice.

The scale of NZEE members' ethical employment grows every year – at the last count touching the lives of more than 8,978 workers annually.

The power of vision and direction

It is NZEE’s vision and mission to improve end-to-end quality of employment, to raise standards, and create a rights-respecting baseline to level the playing field so that competitiveness is not at the expense of the worker. By collectively committing to and promoting these values and principles, we can foster an employment environment that advances the safety, security, and welfare of all people.

Vision & direction are irresistible forces able to transform what might appear to be unconquerable obstacles into traversable pathways and expanding opportunities. We can make order from chaos, with our words, and our actions.

Year 1

  • Secure funding
  • Create practical operational policies, templates & processes to optimise support for membership
  • Membership onboarding and induction process

Year 2

  • Develop UNGPB based resources for NZ Context
  • Develop iwi partnerships
  • Develop positive storytelling resources for website and media

Year 3

  • Update Workforce strategy & roll out nationally
  • Labour Market planning
  • Develop data collection and single voice

Opportunities in front of us

  • Learn to embrace technology, understanding the efficiencies it can bring
  • Increase geographic and gender diversification of our labour force
  • Increase workforce capacity, training and upskilling
  • Develop wide-view supply chain partnerships
  • Engage in multi-stakeholder initiatives in both the private and public sector, that actively work to improve working conditions
  • Clear and practical implementation planning – what to do and how
  • And increase the awareness of Human Rights and the competitive edge that comes from doing it right - a “new normal” is now the byword with greater trust, accountability and transparency being demanded by consumers globally

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