October 2023 Newsletter

As we step into the vibrant month of October, it's time to celebrate the arrival of tangelos, the "citrus kings" of Gisborne! These juicy delights are now in season, and we can't wait to indulge in their sweet and tangy goodness. Fun fact: Did you know that most of New Zealand's tangelo crop is grown in Gisborne? These easy-to-peel wonders are the delightful result of crossing a mandarin with a grapefruit. So, get ready to savor the juiciest citrus fruit nature has to offer, as the tangelo season extends from now until December.

In just a few days, on October 1st, Tuvalu will be celebrating a significant milestone - 45 years of Independence! Across New Zealand, cities with thriving Tuvaluan communities will come alive with festivities. If you're an employer with Tuvalu RSE workers, now's the perfect time to show your support and encourage their participation in this National Day celebration. It's a time for unity and joy, and together, we can make it memorable for all.

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, October 14th, Aotearoa New Zealand will be holding its general election, an event that occurs every three years. This election will determine the composition of the 54th Parliament of New Zealand. It's an opportunity for citizens to exercise their democratic rights and shape the future of our great nation. Stay informed, get ready to cast your vote, and let your voice be heard.

As we embark on this exciting month filled with tangelos, celebrations of independence, and the democratic process in action, we hope you find our newsletter both informative and inspiring.

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Take care and keep safe,

Tanya Pouwhare, CEO, New Zealand Ethical Employers Inc.


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