Not out of the woods yet


The impact of inflation on the cost of living continues to be felt across the country. To get inflation down, a casualty will be unemployment, the rate will go up. Treasury has forecast our “Maximum Sustainable Employment” at around 4%. Nothing is quite as simple as we’d like.

In June 2022 81,500 more people were employed full-time than June 2021. Our unemployment rate currently sits at 3.3%, and all signs point to the tight labour market continuing for some time. More people employed is a good thing - unless you’re looking at inflation or trying to find someone to fill your job vacancies.

With our COVID-19 protection framework easing, Aotearoa is breathing easy without masks in most places. China, however, continues to adhere to its zero-tolerance policy. Nearly 60 million residents are still in lockdown. Impacts continue along supply chains for our exporters, and availability of many key products NZ import remains slow.

This month we look at Fire Safety tips & the role of Health & Safety Reps (HSR). Mental Health Awareness Week continues 26 Sept - 2 Oct we look at 5 ways to wellbeing at work. How an EU proposal for regulating products made with forced labour might impact us here in NZ. How to use your Humam Rights Policy. And a return of “Mike’s Blog”.


Mark your diary for the next NZEE Conference in Tauranga, 19-21 July 2023


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Tanya Pouwhare, CEO, New Zealand Ethical Employers Inc.


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